Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Book on Chinese Military Strategy


My book, The Dragon's Fire: Chinese Military Strategy and Implications for Asia, is going to be out on October 20.

This book has essentially looked into the military strategy of China and how it implicates on India and Asia. Rise of China has been a subject of interest and concern not only in India and Asia but globally. The growth of China as a major military and economic power along with its global aspirations for a superpower status remains a serious concern to India, as well as the United States, Russia, and Japan. For example, will China be more willing to resort to force to settle the various territorial disputes with its neighbours? Will it become more aggressive in other bilateral issues? While it may be important to analyse the military and other capabilities that China has acquired, it is more pertinent to look at the military strategy through which it will employ these capabilities. While China has continued to argue that its rise is peaceful and that its military modernization is only geared towards defensive purposes, it is the perception that matters. Perception of a potential China threat has had several spin-off effects, in the form of alliances and/or force posturing by regional and global powers.

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Orso Raggiante said...

What press? Where is this being released? And erm...what a date to release the book! The 47th anniversary of the Chinese invasion of India!

Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan said...

Hi, the book is being published by Rupa & Co., and should be out on Oct 20. However, there will be a book discussion, and may be a release too, in the first/second week of November, or may be on 20th, the day the Chinese declared ceasefire.